The Artsy Knitter Podcast: Episode2: “The ArtsyDuo” (knitting podcast)


Episode 2: “the Artsy Duo” with my MINI-me

Artsy Escapades : Ava’s 9th Birthday ..celebrated all week.. gave her a little gift each day instead of one big box.
Snow adventures  that was not  ARTSY..LOL

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1. “Rye” by tincanknits…FROGGED Liat Gat recipe + Rye Sock by TinCanknits
sock recipe : i will start over.

TOEUP SOCKS is not that hard to learn.. it is better when your dealing with the fact that you might not have enough yarn. Try a Sock Class

2 Tripartite by Stephen West done in: Zen yarn Garden Serenity silk Lace weight – Garroby hill( little more than half way.. just the collar left)

3 Chunky Bonnet for Ava’s Photo-shoot ( HALF WAY) in Filatura Di Crosa with size:
I will create a project page with the rough pattern i made when i have a chance

Ta Da:
1.Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig In Madeleine Tosh

2.Storm Cloud Shawlette by Hanna Breetz
3.Braided by Jen Geigley

Little One Corner:
1.Monster Chunks by Rebecca Danger+ we got her Book: The Big Book of Knitted Monsters: Mischievous, Lovable Toys
The eye are 9mm from…

Our AG Doll is ” Cécile” form 1853:…

2. Noro Scarf for American girl doll that has been crocheted

3. American Girl Doll Lacy Bolero by Elaine Phillips

Whoa Newbie:
-Did you realize that Ravelry has a new recommendation engine, to show you weekly new patterns that have been added each day.  just for you based on the things you have Favorited,, your projects and friends
It is cool way to see new stuff that your wouldn’t notice.

-I didn’t know that in project section of a pattern allows you to selected a filter ” helpful notes”

Thanks for taking the time to watch my artsy Knitting podcast and see you in a week or so. Ciao TRU


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