The Arsty Knitter Podcast: Episode 3: ” Fashionably inspired”








Episode 3: ” Fashionably Inspired “

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Mental Escapades:: Shame.. but Good
You do not have to be a Top model to Rock solid personal style..
this take me right into my first wippie…
The Yarnista is a Knitting Rock star and if you didn’t realize it then Just Check out Vogue Knitting recent article on her. She is a teacher and she still rocks serious Fashion… This will not be the last time i speak about her just so you know… !LOL :She blog post on ” the Knitter Keepsake” rightly shamed me and then made me pull up my knitter’s socks .. shooting my project with pride! then effort we are putting to selecting the best yarns and technique yet we don’t share images with other at their very best!
Lord Forgive me! Yarnista Forgive me!

So I start with sharing
Artsy Tip 1:: find an area where you with your Knitted object is facing the natural light. sometimes a Store window is a great place to put a hat down and photograph it.

Artsy Tip 2 :: don’t have your Bag on your shoulder blocking your garment/sweater look cluttered . Accessories are not bad but if they don’t compliment the Image via color or texture remove it and keep it Clean. No clutter on the table unless it make sense for the knitted item ie. Purse and you have a few things that would go inside as props

Artsy Tip3:: white or subtle Backgrounds or patterned backgrounds are best ..even though those rules can be broken you don’t want the Background to take away or distract the viewer from looking at your Sweater.

Wippies ::
1. Spoilt For Choice by Anne Thompson in Koigu  on 4mm needles
” the Configuration 17″ is my name for this amazing piece on my project page.

2. ” Rye ” socks by tincanknits : I frogged and cast on again. it is going really well now.on 2mm in Regia Sonata on 2mm needles

If you need help with Toeup sock take a class.
3.Tripartite by Stephen West in ZenYarn Garden on 4mm needles


1. Crochet Peter Pan Collar by Emma Escottby in Red heart soft on 3mm hook
2.Bonnet for photo-shoot personal Pattern i made up in Filatura Di Cosa Fancy- Ciccio on 11mm needles

Tru-ly Recommend ::
Now i have not done this piece yet but do I have to wait to suggest it?
“Britanna “by the Tincanknits any other their patterns.. their simple collection is prefect for teaching class or teaching newbie in your knitting group at Work.New knitters need Success stories when the start venturing toward bigger garment beside hat.
Fashion Spotlight::
Michael Kors Sweater is hardcore cables
Alexander McQueen Super Bulky Sweater from the Vogue 1999 is inspiring Spotlight shot by Steven Meisel

(McQueen Portraits is shot by Tim walker)

Podcast Spotlight::
1.Muststash podcast with Stacie and Steph
2. Aussieyarning with Joyce ( correction: Zoeknitgirl is her Ravelry Name)


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