The Artsy Knitter podcast: Episode 4 ” Because we are HAPPY”



Episode 4: ” Because We’re Happy “
Guest Star Co-Host  : “Little One”

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what do you think of the New intro and music … it wasn’t exactly the song i wanted but it is still me style
Does it make you feel good ? supposed to FUNK! The song we want will come later.

Yarnista…. did you read the article? He hubby does not do photography for a living. warning she will come up quite often in the podcast… can you pull my attention away for a hot min by suggest anyone else with that same fashion flair?
Wippies ::

1. Spoilt For Choice by Anne Thompson in Koigu on 4mm needle
” the Configuration 17″ is my name for this amazing piece inspired by “The Yarnista”
2. Obsidian by Lisa Mutch with Araucania from Chile on 6mm and 4mm

Ta Da::

1. Artsy Knitter Bow Tie in Blaze red ( forgot to show ya) in Berocco vintage
from the pattern: Bow Headband beth Postelwait
Little one’s Corner:
1. American Doll Skirt with Micheal’s brand Yarn on 4mm needles

Suggested pattern: Three tiered Doll skirt By Deborah Minner.. we did the top half and then Making up the bottom or you can use: Lacy Flouncy Skirt for American Girl Doll by Kristen Renneker  which the next skirt we do will be this. but all that color in the yarn we will lose the Lacey goodness.

Crochet  Red Dress:

Red Sparkly Shoes : Springfield shoes
2. Monster chunks  By Rebecca Danger are done

Tru-ly recommended:: Forgot to say  it sorry.

Liesl by Julie Weisenberger done in Linen
this will encourage Spring to come faster …Light breezy linen ..effortless style .Any color with complimentary legging.

ARTSY Spotlight::
Claire-Anne O’Brien is an Irish textile designer who knits these incredible stools, with textures and techniques that are certifiably unique and beautiful. I have a Post on my Blog for Artsy home decor with Knit magic! She makes her own yarn in order to design these. you can see at the end of video too.

Reporting for TRU_NEWS :

Meghan Navoy
Toronto fashion she did a cable sweater for Joe fresh ( not for sale sorry ) but she has an esty store and has a hot dip dyed Hat $43 .A Wool Story is a knitwear label of one of a kind handmade knits made from 100% recycled wool from reclaimed sweaters.

Thrifty Spotlight::

If you are thinking about Socks:

DIY Sock Blocker Tutorial by Maryann
there is a template sketch on the ravelry project page you can download
I added small holes for better dying

For bigger feet like my size 11 I recommend taking the template and adding to it
getting several placemats from the dollar store
Also found a video that asked ‪Blocking Socks: Are Sock Blockers Necessary?‬ Stefaniegrrr
: fun vintage sock blocker

by Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter

Our Artwork:
* 1. Customized Converse sneaker for the Retro Re-visited Exhibition at the Arta Gallery in Toronto. I did the shoes based on pieces from the Fashion week collections of Alexander McQueen. I will do a separate blog post on these shoes because there are serious collector all over the world.
2. Ava’s artwork: the framed piece .. very abstract .. this might inspire you to consider sparkly Yarn if not in a sweater the think about sexy shiny Sock or summer shawlette.

Podcast recommended: I am obsessing over right now
JuniperGrace” cutest Podcaster ever.. and a fellow Canadian eh? yay her joy and child-like spirit is Contagious and she read stories and sings with a sweet voice.. ( Yes Knitting fan-girl i am !)
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ciao for Now


Knit like a Rockstar!


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