The ArtsyKnitter Podcast: Episode5-” Penpals”



Episode 5: “Pen pals”
Thanks for little Shoutout on her INSTAGRAM – Nicole – Hotazzknitter   from the Positively Knitting Podcast

We are Junipers:I recommended her on my  last Blog episode post : JUNIPERGRACETUBE  is the other place to be beside here.
we could not help ourselves we wanted to send her a postcard.. handmade of course because it is not as exciting from Toronto since we are both Canadian.

I been watching Darkmatterknits: Love love love this Podcast with Elizabeth  .. its every 2weeks so be aware of that. but worth the wait. She is SMART  and funny!

Welcome to all the artsy peeps in the Raverly Group ( for Newbie on youtube)
-simplyme5252- first to post in the introduction boards and told me where she found me/ heard about me.
Cthullovesme the 2nd to post an intro YAY YOU guys you have entered in the the giveaway!

-Knitdemon/ Knunkboots /Decquilts/JoyHarmon/Hishandmaid/Snotestine /Hotassknitter/CiciCarry/JuniperGrace  ( Now 26 memebers)

welcome to you lovely ladies thanks for joining  and bringing the yippee from my little one when she sees the group growing and growing!
kicking some chatter on boards

JOIN:  Ravelry group : TheArtsyKnitterPodcast

When we reach 50 Members  we will have a giveaway: Project bags and more to come..! But only from the Introduction boards to make the selection.

let me know your there.

Question: Has anyone done the course on “Craftsy” class: “Fit to Flatter” or enjoyed book “Little red in the city”. I am looking through this book and i am excited to learn. I would love to hear people’s experiences . Share please

Stash Blooms: Suggestion Please??? on the Boards on Ravelry
100% cashmere  Jade Sapphire
ADVICE on: Looking for the right combo yarn in ice grey to put with this so i can knit  a shawl.


1.Holden Shawl By Mindy Wilkes in Berrocco Folio on 4mm( talk about the yarn)$6
2.Obsidian by Lisa Mutch $7 with Araucania from Chile on 6mm and 4mm
(  in my projects: DateNight sweater)
3. Star crossed  Slouchy Beret By Natalie  Larson Berroco Vintage ( kingfisher ) on 6&8 mm -free
4 Spoilt For Choice by Anne Thompson in Koigu  on 4mm needle
” the Configuration 17″ is my name for  this amazing piece inspired by “The Yarnista

UFO: Hall of shame
1.Joan Of Arc by Saskia De Feijter $5 in Berroco Peruvia Quick blanco on 10 mm
2.Pendulum By Amy Miller ( $5) in Sweet Fiber cashmere Lace
3.Take me to NYC By Champagne maker in Madeline Tosh Chunky-black velvet on 6mm

Wha-cha talkin’ bout Willis::
(Diff’rent Strokes is an American television sitcom that aired on NBC from November 3, 1978, to May 4, 1985)
I knit these fingerless  gloves and they were so big for my hands and I was super sad.For tiny hands  you can try to figure out what your numbers are like sock or look for little girls fingerless and make a tiny  pair bit bigger.
designers.. please put measure if the hand it was made for so we the knitters can adjust easily. I will frog these and start again.


Tru-ly Recommends :: Summer fresh ideas

“Mercury by Heather Dixon” ( with Army of knitter)
this has a sleek look .. the design Stands out. You can also do it with color popping through i would love a bronze one in Sidar yarn has a metallic yarn that works well.
+ a neon or white one  for freshness crisp addition to my legging and shorts and then you add a black or bright color tank underneath.

$7 for pattern and it could compliment different juicy size whoohoo.
Fashion Spotlight::
Fall/Winter 2011 for London Fashion week
Christopher Kane takes the crochet blanket centre stage, printing it on black leather T-shirts and jackets, pencil skirts, dresses and cardigans. Which just makes me wanna touch it .. the contrast of what you think it should look like to what it should feel like -Leather whoa!
on Ravelry this was the closest i found to this:

Check out:
Monochrome Granny-Square Skirt by Claire Montgomerie in the Inside Crochet, issue 37, January 2013

Artsy Spotlight:

my collage mixed media -For Sale :website

or Etsy store or just send me a direct email i can put it in the Shop for you to make a direct purchase.

1.” Queen of the Dark Forest” Collage: 6×6 on watercolor paper( yess there are prints and original for Sale)
2.Collage: 16×20
3.Fashion Photography



When we reach 50 Members  we will have a giveaway: Project bags and more to come..!
Stay Connected:
Instagram : @theartsyknitter
Ravelry Group:
Raverly Name: TheArtsyKntter
you can always use FEEDLY or Subscribe to the youtube channel or check the Forum tab in Ravelry that will show you a quick glance of boards to see if there is a new episode.


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