The ArtsyKnitter : Episode 6 “My Birthday-Part1” (knitting podcast)



Episode 6: “My Birthday – Part 1”

Co hosting : Namel-less &  LITTLE ONE!


Location: Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC)

Ramblings:: Artsy Escapades
It’s my birthday and I squeal or dance if i want to… week long celebration but for you guys it will be two episode of artsy birthday happenings.
Today we are at Our first Knitting festival/event: Toronto Knitter’s Frolic  a day of amazing torture (  I am on Hardcore Yarn Fast) great getting to see people face to face . Ava will pick up so much knowledge from today.
Next time if you’re in NYC or anywhere else close  you know you can sneak over and check us out next year.

Gratitude-onus :
Thanks again to Darkmatterknits – Elizabeth for the shout out on her instagram I am glad i cheer you up… you are a super cool lady, looking forward to getting to know you better!
MamaGrizzlyknits has been super welcoming on instagram .. we podcasters are grateful for your steady support!

We  are at 37 peeps as of April 26th recording.
New Arsty peeps: welcome :
Butterflyjones/ Bunniphish-podcaster)/brodieknits/ Dafsum/moppyamanda/ goldenleo08/ smiiller1/  iluvmeyarn

( youtube comment+ intro): you are  entered into the giveaway
Chichisweets/Ch1rlie2011/ Caro72/ Bellasocks/moppyamanda/ pandaluvsyarn

All our exciting plans to film the goodies and the Goodie-makers of the festival but we were strictly Forbidden! so Episode 7 will show the things we got. Next year we will have to figure out how to give those awesome vendors the spotlight they deserve. I will have to interview them off site maybe even in their studios or farms .

SO so Sorry everyone! The World sometimes have Strict Rules…
the funny thing is .. we were never ever planning to film the crowd of shoppers just the vendors with their product against the wall with no one behind them!

1. Spoilt For Choice by Anne Thompson in Koigu  on 4mm needle
” the Configuration 17″ is my name for  this amazing piece inspired by “The Yarnista”
2.Golden Globe Bow tie for Birthday
including a few Bow ties that i designed that i will show in a few weeks.

1. Claudia’s Cowl by CQuintanilla in Cascade Yarns Eco Duo

Wippies ::
1.Global Warming by Suvi Simola on 3.75mm with Northbound knitting yarn
It free and I had the Yarn for it.. I have been strict with my “Yarn FAST’ ..which means not buy what so ever( waa wa BOO)

2. Free form Knitting : “Freeform crochet is like painting – the hook is a brush and the yarn a paint. 
The result can be abstract or realistic. 
Freeform is original design, not a reproduction of another person’s pattern, 
– it goes beyond the realm of patterns and restrictions that usually apply toward our art. 
The outcome is a piece of art like no other, not only functional, but beautiful as well. 
Freeform includes 2-D and 3-D art, clothing and useful items.

Videos I used: youtbe- sheruknittingcom

Ravelry group :—ifff
I have a thread in the Artsy Knitter’s Group  for this as well so come and share your pieces.

1.Of the Moon by Caitlin Ffrench made with Sock that rock.
Her lovely  Yarn is called:We Will Tell You All Of Our Secrets

Little One Corner::
1. Coco the Canister Monster by Rebecca Danger

2. American Girl ruffle Skirt  in Micheals’s brand  ‘craftsmart yarn”

Close up video :Little one with bind off with a crochet needle we have been waiting a week to actually shot this video .

Tru-ly Recommends : :Summer fresh ideas
I love this because I think it is sweet for Little ones and I would make a white one for myself to wear colourful slip underneath and ballet slippers.

Chloe Summer Dress/Tunic
by Rebecca Lueck

ballet School Dropout Sockettes
by Inspire Knits

Tru_ News:

Spindle oh spindle: i love spindles and thinking of getting a Trindle by  from trindleman on esty

“Nameless” has the super fancy  matchless wheel oh how i wish i could afford.But for those who are not as lucky there is a Dodec spindle wheel or  the Porter wheel by  Bishopofknit
DoDec Spindle spinning wheel for $7 … whaaaaat ? some think it looks basic.. cause  they got Fancy fancy wheels .. maybe your right, but for the not so fancy yet– on the thrifty tip ..this is awesome. Oh boyfriend.. if you watched this at all you might magically made me one hehehe.

Fashion Spotlight::
Topshop’s Crochet dress for $110 .. Kate Bosworth Rockin’ in nude tone at end of video
designers i begging someone can you make your version of this.. it is so cute! Flesh tone of this Pieces is very modern and has a freshness to it! you can wear it with a tank and leggings or as a mini

Our free mini skeins from “The BlackSheep”  is a yarn company and Shop in Port Hope , Ontario.
Drop in for a visit at 246 Ridout Street, Port Hope, Ontario L1A 1P3
Contact us at 905.885.0190 or email fibre at theblacklamb dot ca

Images at the end of video:
-Crocheted Hot picks.. you see the sandals right
-Topshop Crochet mini dress on Kate Bosworth
– Stunning drippy long sweater as a loose jacket
-Maxi skirt with that frumpy knitted pullover can SPICE it up
– Leather skirt with the ordinary sweater tucked in and the collared shirt .. i would add a bow tie but that me
– Yummy model -Sean O’pry in H&M sweaters.. the Stripe with different print i think is sexy.


Instagram : @theartsyknitter
Ravelry Group:
Raverly Name: TheArtsyknitter
you can always use FEEDLY or Subscribe to the youtube channel or check the Forum tab in Ravelry that will show you a quick glance of boards to see if there is a new episode.


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