The Artsy Knitter: Epi 7- “Birthday Pt.2 + Hamster Knitting Wheel” ( knitting podcast)




Episode 7: ” Birthday Pt.2 + Hamster knitting wheel

Singing Stevie Wonder style Birthday song cupcakes with candles

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Gratitude-onous : new artsy peep 53 now
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Intros: giveaway entry
Saratogakntting- japan you are so so lucky..

Indigo Dragonfly
Sock that Rock
Qiviuet/angora from Cottagecraftangora mill
Yarn geek fiber rolags ( won from Insknit podcast)
My first “Bling Your String” Bag .. this graphical black and white Bag is so cute i had to get it.Then 2 days later Aryn was on it .. by sending me samples of fabrics that i might be interested in for my next  custom order..
Coupon Code:  MAYFS
For the Month of May – you get free shipping with their purchase. GO TO HER WEBSITE.
I confirmed with The-Qiviut-Fairy  in her group on thread called Monthly Blog Post & yarn giveaway at about Post #17 that giveaway is still going on till May 31st for a huge skein of 3ply 100% Qiviut in Raven Black. to (read the rules) you will see the new Deadline May31st

How do you go about figuring out someone’s sock size just right .. should i be asking my mom to measure my stepdad’s foot … i need help .. they have to fit just right or he won’t wear them.
Bunnishphish.. what do you say?


Wippies ::

1. Jackson Square Shawl
(:aka Sweet lady on my project page because the yarn is so beautiful)
2. Holden Shawl
3.Global Warming by Suvi Simola on 3.75mm with Northbound knitting yarn ( project page: has a lot of Notes)
4. Freeform crochet: for what i am not sure yet.. if it a bag or hat
Brenna’s Wippies:
1.Amille shawl by Emily Ross:
Yarn is NBK BFL/silk laceweight, beads are from
2. Kittykat Knee-highs by Brenna : pattern’s soon to come


Showing the way I wear my Feather Weight Cardi  with skinny belt.

Brenna ‘s TADA:   

Eliina shawl  by Lankakomero
Knit using my handspun, fibre from Three Waters Farm
Her  project page for it

Little One’s Corner:: 
1. Coco the Canister Monster by Rebecca Danger

2. For Mother’s Day she is making for her Stepmom and Nana Sandi
Bamboo rib Coffee Cozy  – by Melissa Lee Bernstein


Tru_ News::

My free pattern to be  released: Golden Globe Bow tie( soon in a day or two)
It is uni-sex design.. for your girlfriend that loves the vintage style.. Madmen TV show or the Dapper gentleman in your life…this could encourage a fancy date night.
I put a few Images of ladies and gentlemen wearing bow tie at the end of the video.. in case you wanna get into it but not sure where to start or how to style it.
* Bow Ties are COOL!

Here is Ashley Graham , who is one of my favorite Plus-size model( besides Crystal Renn ) in a soft bow tie style Blouse I can picture that knitted.
*years ago there was a controversy  about a sexy ad that was banned from ABC and FOX .. I will place link in  “Lane Bryant ad Hot Ashley Graham banned commercial. I think it because she is left in just a trench-coat to meet her man for Lunch.. what.. so she can be sexy?
(youtube link)

WHAT you talking bout Willis?
Sick of knitting i-cords .. put you pet rodent on the job!
1.Have you ever heard of a Hamster wheel  cord knitting machine? Is this animal abuse? slave labor… is it wrong. tell inside this episode thread what you think I will post the pic
Artist: Mark Sturkenboomis an artist that graduated in 2012 at Artez Academy for the Arts in Arnhem/Netherlands.

2. “Hands off Wind power knitting machine“. designed by Merel Karlof from the Royal college of Arts.
With the power of the wind, a knitting machine knits from the outside towards the inside of a building. The knitted material is harvested from time to time and rounded-off in individually packaged scarves. Each scarf has its own label which tells you in how much time it has been knitted and on which date.
Then I saw the sexy Wind Knitted Bracelets created with the harvest of Wind Knitting Factory.
Materials: hand dyed cotton, etched brass.
check out the youtube Video 


Podcasts I am watching::


Artsy Spotlight:

My artwork Print are for sale through my Esty store

1. Wonderwheel 10×10
2. Away Horsey 10×10
3.Here But Gone 14×11
I can also take custom orders just contact me directly and I take PAYPAL

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