I figured i should put the info here as well ..not just on the group: started 8 days ago but wasnt posted everywhere SORRY!


TAG: #WhipitArtsyKAL


 i must finish

i must finish

Above is 3 out of the 6 that i am trying to finish.. not sure what will happen but i am being brave.. mostof them expect one is half way or almost done.

Follow this Link for all the rules.. to post your challenges and FO in the proper thread in order to win the  prizes.




The Lowdown.. but please go to the Group

-Date Jul10th to Aug15th
– you can enter knitting or crochet  or Spinning that was started before July 10 ,2014 .. But go for the older ones !

– select a certain amount of wippies to challenge yourself or if your tough clear off all your wips project pages on ravlery

( you know what you truly can do!)

-TRY NOT TO CAST ON ANYTHING NEW ON YOUR NEEDLES till you complete your selected wips or all of them
-You must be a member of the group to have a chance to win
-you will be entered once using your post number : you can finish multiple things ( you edit that post as you complete them )
-you need to TAG: #whipitArtsyKAL must be on all completed wips project pages. and Instagram
-share the project pages in the group ( side bar of you page)

  • I don’t mind if you double dip and the project can be in other KAL or contest
  • you must post photos in the “Whip the WIPPIES KAL” FO thread  when completed

On Instagram:@theartsyknitter
You get 1extra entry chance when you post FO on Instagram with the 2 tag #whipitArtsyKAL #theartsyknitterpodcast
Make sure you tell me  that you have done that cause not everyone have the same instagram name and the ravelry user id .

The tags will help me find you ! so they are important. use them!

Prizes: more will be added as they get worked out
Donations for prizes are always welcome

1.A Ravelry pattern of your choice $7 or less
2. Project bag
3.To be announced they are coming in.

Chatter thread is the discuss you challenges and commitments!

I am post my progress as well on Instagram with hashtags.. so feel free to come cheer me and the other ladies who have joined so far.

lets clear the plate ladies cause Christmas will be here before you know it and a ton of other KAL and exciting Knitting things






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