The Artsy Knitter: Epi.12- “A Sprinkle of Magic + KAL info+Discount Codes”




Episode 12 –   “A Sprinkle of Magic +KAL info+Discount Codes”

We are 108 Artsy Peeps and counting… YIPPPEEEE!

Want a little magic in your Life… it’s important to always have that.. life is short so keeping our focus on the sweetness is important.
This week’s episode is all about Knit -along : ours + other podcast like Bakery bears podcast’s “Getting ahead Christmas KAL” + Oh Loop’s Harry Potter KAL etc.
Our Fairytale Forever Craft KAL : Details are in our group
From August 8th – Oct  2 months of all things fairy tales and magical knitting and crafting.

All Discount Codes are on the Show.. so when you watching this latest episode above look out for that info

Previous Post with Details and with a lot of Pattern Suggestions: HERE
Create, craft , Knit, SPIN or crochet anything from a fairytale storybook or fantasy based movie.
ie Fairytale: a true Story , Harry Potter, Narnia .. think Magic, fairy garden and storybook tale.

more suggestion that were not on last Post.

From Tinyowlknits :

dragon watcher’s hood
enchanted tree hat
– the Amazing: faerie wings
I AM MAKING the Fabulous: moonkoosa boots
mr. fox stole my heart & mini-fox!

I LOVE THEM ALL.. she is one of my favorite Dream designers

then there is also:

Dragonfly Wings I am making this for my Grandma.

Enchanted Knits by Interweave
Giant Slayer’s Vine Scarf
-Woodcutter’s Socks
Into the Magic Forest Blanket
Hunger for Rampion Pullover

Prizes: Thanks you to the amazing folks partnering with us on this magic KAL pattern of your choice from tinyowlknits
2.Opal yarn ( donated to us)
3.OhLoops Yarn ( PLUS 15% discount code for yarn Purchases)

( if there are others that wish to donate prizes so we can have several winners i am open to that..please contact me)


We are on Facebook now.. so if you feel like sharing the Artsy Knitter video and other info with friends there then HERE you go


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