The Artsy Knitter Podcast:Epi15- “Pajama Party,Random Kid,Mad Tosh”





Oh my goodness.. I managed to posted another video .. first time i have ever done them a week apart.. usually 10 to 14 is what happens. this new systems is easier! Editing in Youtube  is not great but it get the job done . so if it means I can post more with less work ,then I am down!

Co-host : Yukibaby
guest host: Brazenwoolens

( who is a new Knitter.. so in the future she will be talking way more about her own stuff!Just you wait you will see!)

Happy New Year to you and yours!


1. Hurricane Hat by Andrea Guldin

2.Girl’s All-in-One Sleeveless Top by Marianna Mel

3.Masonry mitts by Vera Brosgol

4.Bonk by Susan Claudino


1.Tanhouse Brooke shawl by Jennifer Lassonde

2.Simple Shawl for Fancy Yarns by Jen Hintz

3.XO Stripe Legwarmers ( basically made it up and hope it fit)

4. Yukibaby Hat/Cowl + American Girl Doll  Matching hat ( basically guessed the cast on and visually)


Tru-ly Recommended:: Brit- Invasion

1.Dancing geek Podcast with the super Cute James!

2.The Knitting Den podcast : the lovely Denise



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