The Artsy knitter:Epi20: What’s happening ??+ Beastmode


The Artsy knitter :Epi20: What’s happening ??+ Beastmode

Ramblings:  till 18 mins into show
1. business Overhaul
2. New Company shooting for:

Follow Instagram: @yarnsuntangled

3. BFF sick for 3 weeks in Hospital..bleeding into her brain.
4. my photography services extended to the Knitting stores.. Knit Designers
5. new business Cards:
6. The artsy knitter bags: only a few i can post if someone is Interested and wants to  pay by paypal
7.  I am in Beastmode : Confident/ hardcore
8. Lovesockwool bag I ordered through  throughout Instagram
9: the amazing :  Leonie Dawson My Shining Year 2016 workbooks

1. Askews Hat by StephenWest ( brioche knitting)

1. Jackie Shawl By YarnsUntangled : my purple and my Bff Orange one
2. Simple Shawl for Fancy yarns – Jen Hintz
( but i did my own thing but i used for

3. 504 King West by The Knit Cafe Toronto
4.Voodoo you love me by Susan Claudino
5. Newborn hat: Lazy Daisy Dressup knit By Anna & Heidi  Pickles
Lil’ Apple Hat By Irna Boehland

Oh loop  Patterns

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