The Artsy Knitter-Episode 22 Hush Mama + Something is a little bit different ?


Episode 22: ‘Hush Mama + Something is a little bit different?”

Light notes:

Artsy Mischief:

  1. Who can tell something is different about me on the show? Might be hard to tell …comment on the show post on Ravelry group or Youtube or Instagram posting .
  2. WOOHOO we are now working with StopGap Foundation ( .We’re creating a world where every person can access every space.Their fundraiser is this June 16th but you can still be involved by visiting their site and donating whenever or whatever you can :
  3. Join the facebook page: and spread the word.


Our Social Media: join us



RAV Group:




some of the pattern we discussed:

1.Jackie’s Shawl: 


3.White Rabbit Wristee

4.Drop crotch pant will be a pattern soon by Brenna: YarnsUntangled


Little one’s knitting bag: Kaotic Ekko curiosities sold at YarnsUntangled ( you can request them to place one for purchase online)

Hiya hiya  kitty snips 

Rainbow loom


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