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I Heart Preemies Cardigan pattern/ On-going knitting Donation


The Artsy Knitter: Episode17-Too much goofy singing+ Knit alongs(fixed)


oops I fixed it now sorry to all the lovely folks that came over yesterday to view and couldn’t watch .. Thanks to the young lady who gave me the heads up !

GRATITUDINOUS: Sibelabmom, Knitzenteacomics, Melodystitches,Ladydyeyarns ,Mamamchanse,Pokdej,PoiZonous , Klthompson08

Thanks to Katt B on facebook for sending a lovely message… I lived in Calgary and my daughter was born there.

Thanks to Sunearthlocs : for sharing my Episode 15 on Google +

120 Artsy peeps ..we are getting bigger!


1.Who is in for another StashBoMMM15 knit along…. info is HERE .. Jan 15 to March 15th

Please go onto the Ravelry group to the thread above and let me know that you into the knit along. from yarn that is at least 3- 6 months old..

Hashtag:# stashboMMM15

2.#OperationSOCKdrawer15 Kal  -Yearlong  but we might have 6month/Dec. 31st prize draw ..i will keep you updated!

Double dip into other group knit along .. i don’t mind at all.. i encourage it!

Wippies:: (Tru)

1. Nomi sweater  by Eba Design ( for yukibaby): Mary maxim  dk :3mm ( I went down in needle size and this is only in size 8 child)

2.Bonk by Susan Claudino: Rowan pure wool worsted  in grey and pink held double: 3mm

3. Rye Sock


Global warming sweater finally done.with a very different neckline. look out for a technique video.


Do knit Disturb  in Brighton UK


By Kate Jerkins

TheArtsyknitter:Epi. 14 – We are back+ Merry Tadas Galore





Show notes:

Yukibaby’s Book: WILDWOOD by Colin Meloy ( book1)


1. Rastaman Cowl ( if you want to basic pattern i can send to you ot put on Ravelry) on 5mm

Charcoal grey from Rowan, schachenmayr Merino ExtraFine 170

2.Bakery bear by Kay Jones in Purple and Yuki baby is knitting the dress



1.The Marley2 Bowtie: rasta colors on 3mm improvised from my free bow tie pattern

with Schachenmayr Merino ExtraFine 170

2. The Wild Thing by Susan Claudino Designs

with 9mm saftey eyes, Mad tosh ,rowan pure wool worsted, berrocco vintage

3. Dock of the Bay by Sarah Stevens ( ohloops podcast) & yarns ( modified by me)

4.Nicholas by Jane Richmond Rowan pure wool worsted on 10mm held doubled

5. Bandana by PurlSoho  in Casacade 220  with 6.5mm

6. The unearthly creature dog sweaters in rowan pure wool worsted

7. rikke hat by sarah young  with 3.25/4mm with  in Malbrigo rios- lotus  colorway

8. 3 Strong Braided  Cowl ( made up the pattern )with  Misti Alpaca Chunky on 9mm needle with Russian  grafting

9. Tea and sympathy Cowl in 3 balls of Misti alpaca chunky   on 8mm

10 Bowtie from my Golden Globe Bowtie pattern


Knit along winners: we selected on air!

WhipitKal: Luchilucy

Fairytale forever Kal: Pandaluvsyarn




Fairytale Forever Craft-KAL Aug8th



Introducing :
Hashtag for project page and Instagram: #FairytalesforeverKAL14
From: August 8 to October 8th

*Must be a member  of the Raverly Group to play

*you will be entered once using your post number  from only the F.O thread: you can finish multiple things ( you edit that post as you complete them)

*I don’t mind if you double dip and the project can be in other KAL or contests , I have shared a few on  the podcast.

-you need to TAG: #FairytalesForeverKAL14 must be on all completed project pages and Instagram @theartsyknitter
-share the project pages in our group ( side bar of you page)


Create, craft , Knit, SPIN or crochet anything from a fairytale storybook or fantasy based movie.
Prizes: pattern of your choice from tinyowlknits
2.Dreamy Yarn from OhLoops
3. Opal yarn ( donated to us)

Little one and I are crafting 2 Fairy Planter box and we invite you to do the same along with us

  • we are knitting Moonkoosa boots from the lovely and kind Tinyowlknits – Stephanie
  • some stuff for the Harry Potter KAL at OhLoops Podcast( double dip)
  • Little one will be crochet a toy and knitting wings for our Bears

Suggestion to help you plan and get excited:
Once you have used your Discount Code from OhLoops they have got some yummy Colors.

+Build a fairy garden planter Box
+knit,crochet, needle-felt sculpt out of fimo a gnome or garden elements to add to the Planter like the roof of a fairy house or a swing

+Knit a Fairy Castle or Crochet Toadstool
+knit anything from harry potter patterns or Narina and anything magical like Dragons .
+Spin Fiber from lostbirds with her generous Discount Code: 10%
+knits anything from Tinyowlknits as she is graciously give us discount off her patterns.

the woodsy association
gypsy petticoat

  • knit or crochet Christmas ornaments like fairy for the tree or Stars or hearts with wings Or Angel
  • knit a Stuffy..example:

Mrs Bakery Bear with fairy wings or Ladybug dress
Sally, the Eco Fairy
Francisca- an amigurumi butterfly girl
Fairy Doll and Mushroom Knit Pattern Set
Voodoo you love me? in bright colors
Amanita muscaria Doll. Tanoshi series toy.

+Knit maybe a work in progress or anything that is dreamy or summer like a Lacey shawl
Moulin Rouge
Magic cake RuffleShawl
#31 – Amanita kid sweater with mushrooms
GardenParty BabyDress
Sword of Gryffindor Mitts

Discount Codes will be released once on KAL Video Podcast this week coming . look out for that!
Start planning and Post you ideas and questions this Chatter thread.. let me know the combination of things your thinking.

Hashtag on Instagram and project pages !

Tru and little One



I figured i should put the info here as well ..not just on the group: started 8 days ago but wasnt posted everywhere SORRY!


TAG: #WhipitArtsyKAL


 i must finish

i must finish

Above is 3 out of the 6 that i am trying to finish.. not sure what will happen but i am being brave.. mostof them expect one is half way or almost done.

Follow this Link for all the rules.. to post your challenges and FO in the proper thread in order to win the  prizes.



The Lowdown.. but please go to the Group

-Date Jul10th to Aug15th
– you can enter knitting or crochet  or Spinning that was started before July 10 ,2014 .. But go for the older ones !

– select a certain amount of wippies to challenge yourself or if your tough clear off all your wips project pages on ravlery

( you know what you truly can do!)

-TRY NOT TO CAST ON ANYTHING NEW ON YOUR NEEDLES till you complete your selected wips or all of them
-You must be a member of the group to have a chance to win
-you will be entered once using your post number : you can finish multiple things ( you edit that post as you complete them )
-you need to TAG: #whipitArtsyKAL must be on all completed wips project pages. and Instagram
-share the project pages in the group ( side bar of you page)

  • I don’t mind if you double dip and the project can be in other KAL or contest
  • you must post photos in the “Whip the WIPPIES KAL” FO thread  when completed

On Instagram:@theartsyknitter
You get 1extra entry chance when you post FO on Instagram with the 2 tag #whipitArtsyKAL #theartsyknitterpodcast
Make sure you tell me  that you have done that cause not everyone have the same instagram name and the ravelry user id .

The tags will help me find you ! so they are important. use them!

Prizes: more will be added as they get worked out
Donations for prizes are always welcome

1.A Ravelry pattern of your choice $7 or less
2. Project bag
3.To be announced they are coming in.

Chatter thread is the discuss you challenges and commitments!

I am post my progress as well on Instagram with hashtags.. so feel free to come cheer me and the other ladies who have joined so far.

lets clear the plate ladies cause Christmas will be here before you know it and a ton of other KAL and exciting Knitting things