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The ArtsyKnitter Podcast: Episode 23 Season 3-THE BIG MOVE


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The Artsy knitter: Epi23:  Season 3-The BIG move

Gratitude-nous : welcome new group members:  ijlondon … Sunny649 and YarnsUntangled
2. Moved to Calgary Alberta Canada

2a. Had a birthday party with 3 girls from New school (squeal)
3. The Loop- 1st Calgary yarn store…Amazeballs they were lovely and attentive.Got my Ravine hat back on track.
4. Oh Loop Podcast and the Fat Squirrel speaks were my first show that I watched again after nothing since last summer.

1. French Cancan by Mademoiselle C with Malabrigo Yarn Arroyo  in Sand Bank

2.Knit Yourself a Turban (moss stitch) by Bestway

in Cascade Anchor Bay -50% cotton and 50 superwash merino wool

3. Knitted Dropcrotch Sweatpants BY Brenna of YarnsUntangled  ( #wesnesdayWIPit )

4. Looking at Her by Lydia Brown ( Ohloops is #wesnesdayWIPit is why I brought this back .. check their Group)

1.Ravine Hat by Woolly Wormhead with Mineville Wool Project single DK merino

Yukibaby :

All things Unicorn….
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The Artsy Knitter-Episode 22 Hush Mama + Something is a little bit different ?


Episode 22: ‘Hush Mama + Something is a little bit different?”

Light notes:

Artsy Mischief:

  1. Who can tell something is different about me on the show? Might be hard to tell …comment on the show post on Ravelry group or Youtube or Instagram posting .
  2. WOOHOO we are now working with StopGap Foundation ( .We’re creating a world where every person can access every space.Their fundraiser is this June 16th but you can still be involved by visiting their site and donating whenever or whatever you can :
  3. Join the facebook page: and spread the word.


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some of the pattern we discussed:

1.Jackie’s Shawl: 


3.White Rabbit Wristee

4.Drop crotch pant will be a pattern soon by Brenna: YarnsUntangled


Little one’s knitting bag: Kaotic Ekko curiosities sold at YarnsUntangled ( you can request them to place one for purchase online)

Hiya hiya  kitty snips 

Rainbow loom

The Artsy Knitter-Episode21-YarnsUntangled+Sweatpants Suede butt



(I will add a bit more later till then enjoy the link goodness)


“YarnsUntangled+Sweatpants Suede butt ”

But here are some link you can enjoy till then:

Jackie’s Shawl:

BOW TIES for Sale: coming soon — Bookmark this

The Artsy knitter:Epi20: What’s happening ??+ Beastmode


The Artsy knitter :Epi20: What’s happening ??+ Beastmode

Ramblings:  till 18 mins into show
1. business Overhaul
2. New Company shooting for:

Follow Instagram: @yarnsuntangled

3. BFF sick for 3 weeks in Hospital..bleeding into her brain.
4. my photography services extended to the Knitting stores.. Knit Designers
5. new business Cards:
6. The artsy knitter bags: only a few i can post if someone is Interested and wants to  pay by paypal
7.  I am in Beastmode : Confident/ hardcore
8. Lovesockwool bag I ordered through  throughout Instagram
9: the amazing :  Leonie Dawson My Shining Year 2016 workbooks

1. Askews Hat by StephenWest ( brioche knitting)

1. Jackie Shawl By YarnsUntangled : my purple and my Bff Orange one
2. Simple Shawl for Fancy yarns – Jen Hintz
( but i did my own thing but i used for

3. 504 King West by The Knit Cafe Toronto
4.Voodoo you love me by Susan Claudino
5. Newborn hat: Lazy Daisy Dressup knit By Anna & Heidi  Pickles
Lil’ Apple Hat By Irna Boehland

Oh loop  Patterns

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The Artsy Knitter Podcast: Episode19 – For all the Tiny Babies + New pattern


Co-host : Yukibaby


GRATITUDINOUS: jayrenee73 , studiovondesign ,temora


1.Back to my old hair style which is my new hair and after starting to grow it since Nov. My mom gets a hold of me in 24 hours I buckle under the Pressure to cut it
2.Ava had a birthday in March ( pics) birthday in Vancouver …
4. Juniper grace.. who would have thought a chance happening like that would happen!
6. CALAGRY for Nana’s 60th birthday + sewing vogue dress (pics)
7.Prototype bags: work in progress on the style i want.

Knit Alongs:

1.StashBoMMM15 knit along…. info is HERE

Please go onto the Ravelry group to the thread above and let me know that you into the knit along. from yarn that is at least 3- 6 months old..

Hashtag:# stashboMMM15

2.I heart Preemies  charity knitting  here  hashtag to use#iheartpreemies

I will be keeping this going … i love knitting these so much. Please start a project page it is encouraging to see the progress.

3. #Operation sock drawer   knit along (all year ) Here


Double dip into other group knit along .. i dont mind at all.. i encourage it!

1.I heart preemie cardigan( 280 downloads) and

2. I heart preemies beanie hat or toque ( 118 downloads) ON BABY DOLL
with 2.5 or 1.5mm i love using
-Yarn recommendation:
Loops & threads  woolike: 678 yds – 85% acrylic   15% nylon ( so so soft)
Adriafil Avantgarde
Regia My First Regia
Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Socka Degradee Color

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The Artsy Knitter Podcast:Epi15- “Pajama Party,Random Kid,Mad Tosh”





Oh my goodness.. I managed to posted another video .. first time i have ever done them a week apart.. usually 10 to 14 is what happens. this new systems is easier! Editing in Youtube  is not great but it get the job done . so if it means I can post more with less work ,then I am down!

Co-host : Yukibaby
guest host: Brazenwoolens

( who is a new Knitter.. so in the future she will be talking way more about her own stuff!Just you wait you will see!)

Happy New Year to you and yours!


1. Hurricane Hat by Andrea Guldin

2.Girl’s All-in-One Sleeveless Top by Marianna Mel

3.Masonry mitts by Vera Brosgol

4.Bonk by Susan Claudino


1.Tanhouse Brooke shawl by Jennifer Lassonde

2.Simple Shawl for Fancy Yarns by Jen Hintz

3.XO Stripe Legwarmers ( basically made it up and hope it fit)

4. Yukibaby Hat/Cowl + American Girl Doll  Matching hat ( basically guessed the cast on and visually)


Tru-ly Recommended:: Brit- Invasion

1.Dancing geek Podcast with the super Cute James!

2.The Knitting Den podcast : the lovely Denise



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TheArtsyknitter:Epi. 14 – We are back+ Merry Tadas Galore





Show notes:

Yukibaby’s Book: WILDWOOD by Colin Meloy ( book1)


1. Rastaman Cowl ( if you want to basic pattern i can send to you ot put on Ravelry) on 5mm

Charcoal grey from Rowan, schachenmayr Merino ExtraFine 170

2.Bakery bear by Kay Jones in Purple and Yuki baby is knitting the dress



1.The Marley2 Bowtie: rasta colors on 3mm improvised from my free bow tie pattern

with Schachenmayr Merino ExtraFine 170

2. The Wild Thing by Susan Claudino Designs

with 9mm saftey eyes, Mad tosh ,rowan pure wool worsted, berrocco vintage

3. Dock of the Bay by Sarah Stevens ( ohloops podcast) & yarns ( modified by me)

4.Nicholas by Jane Richmond Rowan pure wool worsted on 10mm held doubled

5. Bandana by PurlSoho  in Casacade 220  with 6.5mm

6. The unearthly creature dog sweaters in rowan pure wool worsted

7. rikke hat by sarah young  with 3.25/4mm with  in Malbrigo rios- lotus  colorway

8. 3 Strong Braided  Cowl ( made up the pattern )with  Misti Alpaca Chunky on 9mm needle with Russian  grafting

9. Tea and sympathy Cowl in 3 balls of Misti alpaca chunky   on 8mm

10 Bowtie from my Golden Globe Bowtie pattern


Knit along winners: we selected on air!

WhipitKal: Luchilucy

Fairytale forever Kal: Pandaluvsyarn




The Artsy Knitter: Epi.12- “A Sprinkle of Magic + KAL info+Discount Codes”




Episode 12 –   “A Sprinkle of Magic +KAL info+Discount Codes”

We are 108 Artsy Peeps and counting… YIPPPEEEE!

Want a little magic in your Life… it’s important to always have that.. life is short so keeping our focus on the sweetness is important.
This week’s episode is all about Knit -along : ours + other podcast like Bakery bears podcast’s “Getting ahead Christmas KAL” + Oh Loop’s Harry Potter KAL etc.
Our Fairytale Forever Craft KAL : Details are in our group
From August 8th – Oct  2 months of all things fairy tales and magical knitting and crafting.

All Discount Codes are on the Show.. so when you watching this latest episode above look out for that info

Previous Post with Details and with a lot of Pattern Suggestions: HERE
Create, craft , Knit, SPIN or crochet anything from a fairytale storybook or fantasy based movie.
ie Fairytale: a true Story , Harry Potter, Narnia .. think Magic, fairy garden and storybook tale.

more suggestion that were not on last Post.

From Tinyowlknits :

dragon watcher’s hood
enchanted tree hat
– the Amazing: faerie wings
I AM MAKING the Fabulous: moonkoosa boots
mr. fox stole my heart & mini-fox!

I LOVE THEM ALL.. she is one of my favorite Dream designers

then there is also:

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Fairytale Forever Craft-KAL Aug8th



Introducing :
Hashtag for project page and Instagram: #FairytalesforeverKAL14
From: August 8 to October 8th

*Must be a member  of the Raverly Group to play

*you will be entered once using your post number  from only the F.O thread: you can finish multiple things ( you edit that post as you complete them)

*I don’t mind if you double dip and the project can be in other KAL or contests , I have shared a few on  the podcast.

-you need to TAG: #FairytalesForeverKAL14 must be on all completed project pages and Instagram @theartsyknitter
-share the project pages in our group ( side bar of you page)


Create, craft , Knit, SPIN or crochet anything from a fairytale storybook or fantasy based movie.
Prizes: pattern of your choice from tinyowlknits
2.Dreamy Yarn from OhLoops
3. Opal yarn ( donated to us)

Little one and I are crafting 2 Fairy Planter box and we invite you to do the same along with us

  • we are knitting Moonkoosa boots from the lovely and kind Tinyowlknits – Stephanie
  • some stuff for the Harry Potter KAL at OhLoops Podcast( double dip)
  • Little one will be crochet a toy and knitting wings for our Bears

Suggestion to help you plan and get excited:
Once you have used your Discount Code from OhLoops they have got some yummy Colors.

+Build a fairy garden planter Box
+knit,crochet, needle-felt sculpt out of fimo a gnome or garden elements to add to the Planter like the roof of a fairy house or a swing

+Knit a Fairy Castle or Crochet Toadstool
+knit anything from harry potter patterns or Narina and anything magical like Dragons .
+Spin Fiber from lostbirds with her generous Discount Code: 10%
+knits anything from Tinyowlknits as she is graciously give us discount off her patterns.

the woodsy association
gypsy petticoat

  • knit or crochet Christmas ornaments like fairy for the tree or Stars or hearts with wings Or Angel
  • knit a Stuffy..example:

Mrs Bakery Bear with fairy wings or Ladybug dress
Sally, the Eco Fairy
Francisca- an amigurumi butterfly girl
Fairy Doll and Mushroom Knit Pattern Set
Voodoo you love me? in bright colors
Amanita muscaria Doll. Tanoshi series toy.

+Knit maybe a work in progress or anything that is dreamy or summer like a Lacey shawl
Moulin Rouge
Magic cake RuffleShawl
#31 – Amanita kid sweater with mushrooms
GardenParty BabyDress
Sword of Gryffindor Mitts

Discount Codes will be released once on KAL Video Podcast this week coming . look out for that!
Start planning and Post you ideas and questions this Chatter thread.. let me know the combination of things your thinking.

Hashtag on Instagram and project pages !

Tru and little One