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TheArtsyKnitter Podcast:: Epi.16- Google Hangout in Pandaville



Co-host : Yukibaby
guest host: Panda from Pandaville Podcast

Happy New Year to you and yours!

GRATITUDINOUS: onewho knits, mossmermaid, Knitterlex, Igotthis83, Robyear27

113 Artsy peeps ..we are getting bigger!

Who is in for another StashBoMMM15 knit along…. info is HERE .. Jan 15 to March 15th

Please go onto the Ravelry group to the thread above and let me know that you into the knit along. from yarn that is at least 3- 6 months old..

Hashtag:# stashboMMM15


Double dip into other group knit along .. i dont mind at all.. i encourage it!

Wippies:: (Tru)

1. Nomi sweater  by Eba Design ( for yukibaby): Mary maxim  dk :3mm ( I went down in needle size and this is only in size8)

2.Bonk by Susan Claudino: Rowan pure wool worsted  in grey and pink held double: 3mm

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TheArtsyknitter:Epi. 14 – We are back+ Merry Tadas Galore





Show notes:

Yukibaby’s Book: WILDWOOD by Colin Meloy ( book1)


1. Rastaman Cowl ( if you want to basic pattern i can send to you ot put on Ravelry) on 5mm

Charcoal grey from Rowan, schachenmayr Merino ExtraFine 170

2.Bakery bear by Kay Jones in Purple and Yuki baby is knitting the dress



1.The Marley2 Bowtie: rasta colors on 3mm improvised from my free bow tie pattern

with Schachenmayr Merino ExtraFine 170

2. The Wild Thing by Susan Claudino Designs

with 9mm 6060.etsy.com saftey eyes, Mad tosh ,rowan pure wool worsted, berrocco vintage

3. Dock of the Bay by Sarah Stevens ( ohloops podcast) & yarns ( modified by me)

4.Nicholas by Jane Richmond Rowan pure wool worsted on 10mm held doubled

5. Bandana by PurlSoho  in Casacade 220  with 6.5mm

6. The unearthly creature dog sweaters in rowan pure wool worsted

7. rikke hat by sarah young  with 3.25/4mm with  in Malbrigo rios- lotus  colorway

8. 3 Strong Braided  Cowl ( made up the pattern )with  Misti Alpaca Chunky on 9mm needle with Russian  grafting

9. Tea and sympathy Cowl in 3 balls of Misti alpaca chunky   on 8mm

10 Bowtie from my Golden Globe Bowtie pattern


Knit along winners: we selected on air!

WhipitKal: Luchilucy

Fairytale forever Kal: Pandaluvsyarn




The ArtsyKnitter : Episode 6 “My Birthday-Part1” (knitting podcast)



Episode 6: “My Birthday – Part 1”

Co hosting : Namel-less &  LITTLE ONE!


Location: Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC)

Ramblings:: Artsy Escapades
It’s my birthday and I squeal or dance if i want to… week long celebration but for you guys it will be two episode of artsy birthday happenings.
Today we are at Our first Knitting festival/event: Toronto Knitter’s Frolic  a day of amazing torture (  I am on Hardcore Yarn Fast) great getting to see people face to face . Ava will pick up so much knowledge from today.
Next time if you’re in NYC or anywhere else close  you know you can sneak over and check us out next year.

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The Artsy Knitter podcast: Episode 4 ” Because we are HAPPY”



Episode 4: ” Because We’re Happy “
Guest Star Co-Host  : “Little One”

JOIN:  Ravelry group : TheArtsyKnitterPodcast


what do you think of the New intro and music … it wasn’t exactly the song i wanted but it is still me style
Does it make you feel good ? supposed to FUNK! The song we want will come later.

Yarnista…. did you read the article? He hubby does not do photography for a living. warning she will come up quite often in the podcast… can you pull my attention away for a hot min by suggest anyone else with that same fashion flair?
Wippies ::

1. Spoilt For Choice by Anne Thompson in Koigu on 4mm needle
” the Configuration 17″ is my name for this amazing piece inspired by “The Yarnista”
2. Obsidian by Lisa Mutch with Araucania from Chile on 6mm and 4mm

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The Artsy Knitter Podcast: Episode2: “The ArtsyDuo” (knitting podcast)


Episode 2: “the Artsy Duo” with my MINI-me

Artsy Escapades : Ava’s 9th Birthday ..celebrated all week.. gave her a little gift each day instead of one big box.
Snow adventures  that was not  ARTSY..LOL

JOIN:  Ravelry group : TheArtsyKnitterPodcast
1. “Rye” by tincanknits…FROGGED Liat Gat recipe + Rye Sock by TinCanknits
sock recipe : http://knitfreedom.com/free-patterns i will start over.

TOEUP SOCKS is not that hard to learn.. it is better when your dealing with the fact that you might not have enough yarn. Try a Sock Class

2 Tripartite by Stephen West done in: Zen yarn Garden Serenity silk Lace weight – Garroby hill( little more than half way.. just the collar left)

3 Chunky Bonnet for Ava’s Photo-shoot ( HALF WAY) in Filatura Di Crosa with size:
I will create a project page with the rough pattern i made when i have a chance

Ta Da:
1.Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig In Madeleine Tosh

2.Storm Cloud Shawlette by Hanna Breetz
3.Braided by Jen Geigley

Little One Corner:
1.Monster Chunks by Rebecca Danger+ we got her Book: The Big Book of Knitted Monsters: Mischievous, Lovable Toys
The eye are 9mm from 6060.etsy.com

Our AG Doll is ” Cécile” form 1853: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/…

2. Noro Scarf for American girl doll that has been crocheted

3. American Girl Doll Lacy Bolero by Elaine Phillips

Whoa Newbie:
-Did you realize that Ravelry has a new recommendation engine, to show you weekly new patterns that have been added each day.  just for you based on the things you have Favorited,, your projects and friends
It is cool way to see new stuff that your wouldn’t notice.

-I didn’t know that in project section of a pattern allows you to selected a filter ” helpful notes”

Thanks for taking the time to watch my artsy Knitting podcast and see you in a week or so. Ciao TRU