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The Artsy Knitter: Episode17-Too much goofy singing+ Knit alongs(fixed)


oops I fixed it now sorry to all the lovely folks that came over yesterday to view and couldn’t watch .. Thanks to the young lady who gave me the heads up !

GRATITUDINOUS: Sibelabmom, Knitzenteacomics, Melodystitches,Ladydyeyarns ,Mamamchanse,Pokdej,PoiZonous , Klthompson08

Thanks to Katt B on facebook for sending a lovely message… I lived in Calgary and my daughter was born there.

Thanks to Sunearthlocs : for sharing my Episode 15 on Google +

120 Artsy peeps ..we are getting bigger!


1.Who is in for another StashBoMMM15 knit along…. info is HERE .. Jan 15 to March 15th

Please go onto the Ravelry group to the thread above and let me know that you into the knit along. from yarn that is at least 3- 6 months old..

Hashtag:# stashboMMM15

2.#OperationSOCKdrawer15 Kal  -Yearlong  but we might have 6month/Dec. 31st prize draw ..i will keep you updated!

Double dip into other group knit along .. i don’t mind at all.. i encourage it!

Wippies:: (Tru)

1. Nomi sweater  by Eba Design ( for yukibaby): Mary maxim  dk :3mm ( I went down in needle size and this is only in size 8 child)

2.Bonk by Susan Claudino: Rowan pure wool worsted  in grey and pink held double: 3mm

3. Rye Sock


Global warming sweater finally done.with a very different neckline. look out for a technique video.


Do knit Disturb  in Brighton UK


By Kate Jerkins


Artful decor for your home


 Artfully decorating your home can be amazing: Today’s’ Inspiration

Knitted stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien

Knitted stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien

I am so majorly tempted to knit these for myself… I can’t explain to you how much I love volume and texture! This explains it in one image.