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The ArtsyKnitter Podcast: Episode 23 Season 3-THE BIG MOVE


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The Artsy knitter: Epi23:  Season 3-The BIG move

Gratitude-nous : welcome new group members:  ijlondon … Sunny649 and YarnsUntangled
2. Moved to Calgary Alberta Canada

2a. Had a birthday party with 3 girls from New school (squeal)
3. The Loop- 1st Calgary yarn store…Amazeballs they were lovely and attentive.Got my Ravine hat back on track.
4. Oh Loop Podcast and the Fat Squirrel speaks were my first show that I watched again after nothing since last summer.

1. French Cancan by Mademoiselle C with Malabrigo Yarn Arroyo  in Sand Bank

2.Knit Yourself a Turban (moss stitch) by Bestway

in Cascade Anchor Bay -50% cotton and 50 superwash merino wool

3. Knitted Dropcrotch Sweatpants BY Brenna of YarnsUntangled  ( #wesnesdayWIPit )

4. Looking at Her by Lydia Brown ( Ohloops is #wesnesdayWIPit is why I brought this back .. check their Group)

1.Ravine Hat by Woolly Wormhead with Mineville Wool Project single DK merino

Yukibaby :

All things Unicorn….
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The Artsy knitter:Epi20: What’s happening ??+ Beastmode


The Artsy knitter :Epi20: What’s happening ??+ Beastmode

Ramblings:  till 18 mins into show
1. business Overhaul
2. New Company shooting for: http://www.yarnsuntangled.com

Follow Instagram: @yarnsuntangled

FB: https://www.facebook.com/YarnsUntangled/?fref=ts
3. BFF sick for 3 weeks in Hospital..bleeding into her brain.
4. my photography services extended to the Knitting stores.. Knit Designers
5. new business Cards:
6. The artsy knitter bags: only a few i can post if someone is Interested and wants to  pay by paypal
7.  I am in Beastmode : Confident/ hardcore
8. Lovesockwool bag I ordered through  throughout Instagram
9: the amazing :  Leonie Dawson My Shining Year 2016 workbooks

1. Askews Hat by StephenWest ( brioche knitting)

1. Jackie Shawl By YarnsUntangled : my purple and my Bff Orange one
2. Simple Shawl for Fancy yarns – Jen Hintz
( but i did my own thing but i used for

3. 504 King West by The Knit Cafe Toronto
4.Voodoo you love me by Susan Claudino
5. Newborn hat: Lazy Daisy Dressup knit By Anna & Heidi  Pickles
Lil’ Apple Hat By Irna Boehland

Oh loop  Patterns

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The Artsy Knitter Podcast: Episode19 – For all the Tiny Babies + New pattern


Co-host : Yukibaby


GRATITUDINOUS: jayrenee73 , studiovondesign ,temora


1.Back to my old hair style which is my new hair and after starting to grow it since Nov. My mom gets a hold of me in 24 hours I buckle under the Pressure to cut it
2.Ava had a birthday in March ( pics)
3.my birthday in Vancouver …
4. Juniper grace.. who would have thought a chance happening like that would happen!
6. CALAGRY for Nana’s 60th birthday + sewing vogue dress (pics)
7.Prototype bags: work in progress on the style i want.

Knit Alongs:

1.StashBoMMM15 knit along…. info is HERE

Please go onto the Ravelry group to the thread above and let me know that you into the knit along. from yarn that is at least 3- 6 months old..

Hashtag:# stashboMMM15

2.I heart Preemies  charity knitting  here  hashtag to use#iheartpreemies

I will be keeping this going … i love knitting these so much. Please start a project page it is encouraging to see the progress.

3. #Operation sock drawer   knit along (all year ) Here


Double dip into other group knit along .. i dont mind at all.. i encourage it!

1.I heart preemie cardigan( 280 downloads) and

2. I heart preemies beanie hat or toque ( 118 downloads) ON BABY DOLL
with 2.5 or 1.5mm i love using
-Yarn recommendation:
Loops & threads  woolike: 678 yds – 85% acrylic   15% nylon ( so so soft)
Adriafil Avantgarde
Regia My First Regia
Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Socka Degradee Color

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TheArtsyKnitter Podcast:: Epi.16- Google Hangout in Pandaville



Co-host : Yukibaby
guest host: Panda from Pandaville Podcast

Happy New Year to you and yours!

GRATITUDINOUS: onewho knits, mossmermaid, Knitterlex, Igotthis83, Robyear27

113 Artsy peeps ..we are getting bigger!

Who is in for another StashBoMMM15 knit along…. info is HERE .. Jan 15 to March 15th

Please go onto the Ravelry group to the thread above and let me know that you into the knit along. from yarn that is at least 3- 6 months old..

Hashtag:# stashboMMM15


Double dip into other group knit along .. i dont mind at all.. i encourage it!

Wippies:: (Tru)

1. Nomi sweater  by Eba Design ( for yukibaby): Mary maxim  dk :3mm ( I went down in needle size and this is only in size8)

2.Bonk by Susan Claudino: Rowan pure wool worsted  in grey and pink held double: 3mm

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The Artsy Knitter: Episode 11 “The Warden+ Dog hair sweaters ???”



Episode 10: “The Warden+ Dog hair sweaters ??? ( other title : Troublemaker)



ITUNES YAhOOO: please consider taking a few mins to leave me some reviews .. it really helps all the knitting podcast be found within itunes i am told. I also helps other peeps find me.
Gratitude-onous : BrittanyJackson / Rosehipchick ( 69 peeps when we recorded this) now we are 94

Vipassana means insight into the true nature of reality, mindfulness of breathing which are said to lead to insight.The term vipassana has gained popularity due to the influence of the Vipassana movement which started in the 1950’s in Burma, although this influence is especially discernible in the use of mindfulness as a practice to handle emotions.
Welcome Guest Star: Nikoletta aka The WARDEN she keep me in line with my knitting and my epic need to CAST-on all the things. She is also is the Fastest knitter i know personally and kindly shared NORWEIGN purling since we both Continental knitters and i wanted  to be faster.
Norweign purl / Speed knitting demo
Wippies :

1. Tiered Skirt Recipe (Stufenrock)by Mia Lovecraft on 4mm with Cascade Ultra prima Cotton ( project page : Sassy Tiered skirt)

2.Super easy Lap Blanket by Purl Soho on 6.5mm for 60×72 size blanket for my double bed in Berrocco Chunky  shades of blue and grey.
3. Love Afghan by Stephanie Oltmann with 5mm for tighter stitch with Berrocco yarn in worsted for my MAMA present

4. K1P1 Preemie Hat by Patricia J Reece – but i did K2P2 instead on the first hat.
 Bunniphish is having a charity KAL and we are doing baby hat for  shelter. go check out her group for all the details  we had to join in and we will be posting our stuff as well.
Nikoletta’s Wippies

1.Viajante by Martina Behm
Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace: 3mm

2.Catkin by Carina Spencer
Madeline Tosh Sock in Duchess and Ginger; 4mm

3.Beekeepers Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits
Various sock yarn scraps; 2.75mm
Nikoletta’s TADA:

1.Pendulum by Amy Miller
Sweet Fiber Cashmerino Luxe in Ina’s Red and Charcoal; 4mm
Project page with modifications: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Nikoleta/pendulum

2.Nightlock by Lisa Mutch
Koigu kpm and cascade heritage sock; 4mm

3.Jackson Square by Beth Kling
Anzula Nebula in Mauve; 4mm

4.Northern Lights by AnneM
Zitron Unisono; 5mm

5.Multnomah by Kate Ray
Noro Taiyo Sock; 4mm

BOO BOO no tada for TRU! LOL

Tru_ News::
1. The Australian Prime minister last year …
2. Dog Hair sweaters

Artsy Spotlight:

Collages in shown at end or on instagram are  Prints for sale through my Esty store

I can also take custom orders just contact me directly and i can send a paypal invoice

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The Arsty Knitter: Episode 9 “Silent Retreat-I am BACK” ( knitting podcast)



Episode 9: “Silent Retreat”


Gratitude-onous : 69 peeps
Mlalove1718 from instagram yay
Mumofaussiekids ( an Aussie in the group)

Pandaluvsyarn: winner of the 50 members Giveaway Celebration.

we are wanting to a Virtual knit night there is a thread with info for Date/Time.

Got accepted to a Meditation retreat: Vispassana ( also called Insight Meditation Movement ) and i am excited.. 10 days of silence and reflection.
vipassana means insight into the true nature of reality, mindfulness of breathing which are said to lead to insight.The term vipassana has gained popularity due to the influence of the Vipassana movement which started in the 1950’s in Burma, although this influence is especially discerneable in the use of mindfulness as a practice to handle emotions.
I am going to be gone from Jun4- 15th by the time you see this video I will be there. No phone, no ipad or reading or anything distracting.  Hmm wonder if i can knit. I will be bringing for the trip up north  which will take a few hours  to get to the retreats.
Who is doing The Knit Girllls: STASHDASH2014 : May23 to August 8th 5000 yards .you can double dip in other Kal. Join in even if you think you don’t have 5000 in you stash . you spin. knit or weave : create or use 5000 yds of yarn.. even old project that you bind off by aug 8 th .
Epi203 “Have you any wool”  to hear details at about 45min into the show.
Knitting Events: JUNE
World Wide Knit In Public Day 14 June – 22 June 2014  what are your Plans? Picnic? Knitting BBQ?
Woolfest – UK
Fibre Week – olds college Alberta, Canada

Australian Sheep & Wool Show(july) Prince of Wales Fairground, Bendigo, Victoria

IF you know of anything Close to New Jersey that i can come out to let me know on the thread for this episode.
I am hoping to Attend : Stitches EAST(http://www.knittinguniverse.com) and Rinebeck (http://www.sheepandwool.com/  )

Wippies :
1. Tiered Skirt Recipe (Stufenrock)by Mia Lovecraft on 4mm with Cascade Ultra prima Cotton ( project page : Sassy Tiered skirt)
2.Global Warming by Suvi Simola on 3.75mm with Northbound knitting yarn ( project page: has a lot of Notes)

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The Artsy Knitter: Epi 7- “Birthday Pt.2 + Hamster Knitting Wheel” ( knitting podcast)




Episode 7: ” Birthday Pt.2 + Hamster knitting wheel

Singing Stevie Wonder style Birthday song cupcakes with candles

Ravelry Group:   JOIN US

Gratitude-onous : new artsy peep 53 now
Knitting my life/ Gwyne/ bible/ zizzagstitches / LCSknits /lisalikescrafts/ wellwoman / Sillyfru(pod)
Craftyknitter( podcast-two tangeledskeins)/Where-am-I-knitting/ Victoriablue/loonynanny(UK) Craftjunkie/ Mokichoco

Intros: giveaway entry
Saratogakntting- japan you are so so lucky..

Indigo Dragonfly
Sock that Rock
Qiviuet/angora from Cottagecraftangora mill
Yarn geek fiber rolags ( won from Insknit podcast)
My first “Bling Your String” Bag .. this graphical black and white Bag is so cute i had to get it.Then 2 days later Aryn was on it .. by sending me samples of fabrics that i might be interested in for my next  custom order..
Coupon Code:  MAYFS
For the Month of May – you get free shipping with their purchase. GO TO HER WEBSITE.

I confirmed with The-Qiviut-Fairy  in her group on thread called Monthly Blog Post & yarn giveaway at about Post #17 that giveaway is still going on till May 31st for a huge skein of 3ply 100% Qiviut in Raven Black.
www.theqiviutblog.blogspot.ca to (read the rules) you will see the new Deadline May31st

How do you go about figuring out someone’s sock size just right .. should i be asking my mom to measure my stepdad’s foot … i need help .. they have to fit just right or he won’t wear them.
Bunnishphish.. what do you say?


Wippies ::

1. Jackson Square Shawl
(:aka Sweet lady on my project page because the yarn is so beautiful)
2. Holden Shawl
3.Global Warming by Suvi Simola on 3.75mm with Northbound knitting yarn ( project page: has a lot of Notes)
4. Freeform crochet: for what i am not sure yet.. if it a bag or hat
Brenna’s Wippies:
1.Amille shawl by Emily Ross: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amille
Yarn is NBK BFL/silk laceweight, beads are from knitpicks.com
2. Kittykat Knee-highs by Brenna : pattern’s soon to come

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The ArtsyKnitter : Episode 6 “My Birthday-Part1” (knitting podcast)



Episode 6: “My Birthday – Part 1”

Co hosting : Namel-less &  LITTLE ONE!


Location: Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC)

Ramblings:: Artsy Escapades
It’s my birthday and I squeal or dance if i want to… week long celebration but for you guys it will be two episode of artsy birthday happenings.
Today we are at Our first Knitting festival/event: Toronto Knitter’s Frolic  a day of amazing torture (  I am on Hardcore Yarn Fast) great getting to see people face to face . Ava will pick up so much knowledge from today.
Next time if you’re in NYC or anywhere else close  you know you can sneak over and check us out next year.

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The ArtsyKnitter Podcast: Episode5-” Penpals”



Episode 5: “Pen pals”
Thanks for little Shoutout on her INSTAGRAM – Nicole – Hotazzknitter   from the Positively Knitting Podcast

We are Junipers:I recommended her on my  last Blog episode post : JUNIPERGRACETUBE  is the other place to be beside here.
we could not help ourselves we wanted to send her a postcard.. handmade of course because it is not as exciting from Toronto since we are both Canadian.

I been watching Darkmatterknits: Love love love this Podcast with Elizabeth  .. its every 2weeks so be aware of that. but worth the wait. She is SMART  and funny!

Welcome to all the artsy peeps in the Raverly Group ( http://www.ravelry.com/groups/theartsyknitterpodcast for Newbie on youtube)
-simplyme5252- first to post in the introduction boards and told me where she found me/ heard about me.
Cthullovesme the 2nd to post an intro YAY YOU guys you have entered in the the giveaway!

-Knitdemon/ Knunkboots /Decquilts/JoyHarmon/Hishandmaid/Snotestine /Hotassknitter/CiciCarry/JuniperGrace  ( Now 26 memebers)

welcome to you lovely ladies thanks for joining  and bringing the yippee from my little one when she sees the group growing and growing!
kicking some chatter on boards

JOIN:  Ravelry group : TheArtsyKnitterPodcast

When we reach 50 Members  we will have a giveaway: Project bags and more to come..! But only from the Introduction boards to make the selection.

let me know your there.

Question: Has anyone done the course on “Craftsy” class: “Fit to Flatter” or enjoyed book “Little red in the city”. I am looking through this book and i am excited to learn. I would love to hear people’s experiences . Share please

Stash Blooms: Suggestion Please??? on the Boards on Ravelry
100% cashmere  Jade Sapphire
ADVICE on: Looking for the right combo yarn in ice grey to put with this so i can knit  a shawl.


1.Holden Shawl By Mindy Wilkes in Berrocco Folio on 4mm( talk about the yarn)$6
2.Obsidian by Lisa Mutch $7 with Araucania from Chile on 6mm and 4mm
(  in my projects: DateNight sweater)
3. Star crossed  Slouchy Beret By Natalie  Larson Berroco Vintage ( kingfisher ) on 6&8 mm -free
4 Spoilt For Choice by Anne Thompson in Koigu  on 4mm needle
” the Configuration 17″ is my name for  this amazing piece inspired by “The Yarnista

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The Arsty Knitter Podcast: Episode 3: ” Fashionably inspired”








Episode 3: ” Fashionably Inspired “

JOIN:  Ravelry group : TheArtsyKnitterPodcast

Mental Escapades:: Shame.. but Good
You do not have to be a Top model to Rock solid personal style..
this take me right into my first wippie…
The Yarnista is a Knitting Rock star and if you didn’t realize it then Just Check out Vogue Knitting recent article on her. She is a teacher and she still rocks serious Fashion… This will not be the last time i speak about her just so you know… !LOL

Hollyknits.com :She blog post on ” the Knitter Keepsake” rightly shamed me and then made me pull up my knitter’s socks .. shooting my project with pride! then effort we are putting to selecting the best yarns and technique yet we don’t share images with other at their very best!
Lord Forgive me! Yarnista Forgive me!

So I start with sharing
Artsy Tip 1:: find an area where you with your Knitted object is facing the natural light. sometimes a Store window is a great place to put a hat down and photograph it.

Artsy Tip 2 :: don’t have your Bag on your shoulder blocking your garment/sweater ..it look cluttered . Accessories are not bad but if they don’t compliment the Image via color or texture remove it and keep it Clean. No clutter on the table unless it make sense for the knitted item ie. Purse and you have a few things that would go inside as props

Artsy Tip3:: white or subtle Backgrounds or patterned backgrounds are best ..even though those rules can be broken you don’t want the Background to take away or distract the viewer from looking at your Sweater.

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